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Chinese geologists, in collaboration with several research institutions including the CAS Institute of Geology and Geophysics and Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Union Co., Ltd., have made a significant breakthrough at Bayan Obo, the world’s largest rare-earth mine. They have identified two new minerals, Oboniobite and Scandio-fluoro-eckermannite, marking the 19th and 20th discoveries since research began in 1959. Oboniobite, characterized by its yellow-brown to brown hue and plate-like structure, measures between 20 to 100 micrometers. Meanwhile, Scandio-fluoro-eckermannite, the first mineral containing scandium found in China, appears in pale yellow or light blue with a columnar shape up to 350 micrometers. The discovery underscores the ongoing importance of Bayan Obo in mineral research and its contribution to scientific knowledge.