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Kumtor Gold Company


Mining company

«The Kumtor gold deposit, located at an altitude of more than 4,000 meters above sea level, has been developed since 1993. Today, the “Kumtor Gold Company” CJSC (hereinafter-KGC) is the largest enterprise and Number 1 taxpayer in the country.
The volume of gold production in 2022-2023 amounted to 30,872 kg of gold. The company's contributions to the country's budget over the past 2 years have exceeded 49.2 billion KG Soms. Dividends of 140 million US dollars have been paid, and 151.3 million US dollars are planned to be paid in 2024.
In order to preserve the environment, a plant for the restoration and recycling of automobile tires in Tokmak was launched in 2023.
KGC has ambitious plans. In 2023, the company began the development of the Togolok deposit with a gold reserve of 17 tons and the exploration of the promising Dzhangartskaya Area. An underground ore mining project has been launched, where about 115 tons of gold will be extracted. It is also planned to start extracting gold from the Kumtor mine tailings facility, which will produce 120 tons of precious metal.
All these efforts are being made to expand production volumes and increase the capitalization of the company».