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WALDNER Holding SE & Co. KG is a global leader in providing innovative and high-quality furniture solutions for laboratories and educational institutions. With a rich legacy spanning over a century, WALDNER is renowned for its commitment to excellence, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

Our comprehensive product portfolio includes laboratory workstations, fume hoods, classroom furniture, and storage solutions, all meticulously designed to meet the highest standards of safety, functionality, and durability. From cutting-edge research facilities to dynamic learning environments, WALDNER's furniture solutions empower scientists, educators, and students worldwide to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

We leverage the latest technologies and eco-friendly materials to develop products that not only meet our customers' needs but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

With a global presence in over 50 countries, WALDNER is committed to serving our customers wherever they are located. Our extensive network of subsidiaries, distributors, and partners ensures that we can provide prompt and personalized support to our clients, from initial consultation to project completion.

Experience excellence in laboratory and educational furniture solutions with WALDNER. Visit us to learn more about our innovative products and how we can help transform your space!