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Plenary Session 2

Energy, Water and Climate Change Management – addressing critical challenges 

Due to faster warming than in other regions of the world, subsoil users in Central Asia will have to implement climate change and water management strategies much earlier. According to Harvard University studies, energy diversification is key to effectively addressing climate change and meeting the region's growing energy demand. Energy resources account for approximately 30% of the total operating costs of mining enterprises. Companies can reduce energy consumption at existing facilities by 15-20% through effective energy management programs and achieve 50% energy savings in the design of new mines. Water is widely used in both underground and surface mining, about 40% in ore processing, about 40% in tailings dams and about 20% in dust control. To ensure the sustainability of mining and processing across the region, mining enterprises must develop water and climate management programs and integrate best available practices and technologies.  To encourage investment in renewable energy sources, local governments should provide long-term assurances and extended planning timelines.

Houcyne El-Idrysy
Principal Consultant (Water Management)
SRK Consulting (UK)
11:30 - Aligning the growth of mining in Central Asia with low carbon outcomes

Luke Mackle
Economist and Policy Analyst
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
11:45 - Why coal is wrong path of long term energy security in the country

Yerlan Ramazanov
Associate Director, Regional Head Energy, Eurasia, Middle East, Africa
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
12:00 - Carbon sequestration through climate investments in forests and pastures in the Kyrgyz Republic

Samat Nasirdinov
Deputy Minister
Ministry of Water Resources, Agriculture and Processing Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic
12:15 - Environmental aspects of mining activities

Asel Raimkulova
Deputy of Minister
Ministry of natural resources, ecology and technical supervision of the Kyrgyz Republic
12:30 - Water in Mining: Challenges Ahead

Houcyne El-Idrysy
Principal Consultant (Water Management)
SRK Consulting (UK)
12:45 - Best available solutions for mineral processing – enhancing productivity and sustainability

Alexey Kutilin
Vice President of Capital Sales ECANA