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UK mining excellence session

UK mining excellence session

11:30– 13:00 / 20 June 2024  - Grand Ballroom

Technology and Investment Partnerships with the United Kingdom

The UK is the world's leading financial, trade and technology hub. Shares of 175 mining companies are traded on the London Stock Exchange with a total capitalisation of $472 billion, or 16% of the global capitalisation. The annual turnover of the London Metal Exchange exceeds 15 trillion dollars.  In addition to investments, British companies offer advanced technologies and expertise in assessing and developing mineral deposits, increasing productivity, introducing alternative energy technologies, reducing the environmental impact of mining, water management, etc. The session will examine case studies and development plans for partnerships between the UK and Central Asian nations and introduce new cooperation opportunities with leading British companies and organisations. 

Nicholas Bowler
His Majesty Ambassador in Kyrgyz Republic
British Embassy Bishkek
11:30 - Navigating the pitfalls of project evaluation – the value of thorough due diligence and high quality technical studies

Richard Oldcorn
Corporate Consultant (Project Evaluation), Director
SRK Consulting (UK)
11:45 - Global Technical Assistance: Unearthing the Power of Geological Survey Organizations

David Schofield
Director of National and International Geoscience
British Geological Survey
12:00 - Chaarat Gold - Building a Leading Emerging Markets Gold Company

Ercan Unluyol
Technical manager
Chaarat Gold
12:15 - Finding the balance: A look at the Evolution of British Manufacturing and services.

Ross Brodie
Managing Director
Prolog Supply & Services
12:30 - Weir Minerals development and capabilities

Evgeniy Subota
Regional Sales Manager in Southern and Eastern Kazakhstan and Uzbekista
Weir Minerals
12:45 - Concrete Canvas

Darren Hughes
International Business Development Manager
United Concrete Canvas