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The company “Aluminium of Kazakhstan”, a part of ERG, may soon receive licenses to conduct geological exploration on two sites in the Kostanay region. The total area of these potential geological exploration sites exceeds 800 hectares, according to “Kursiv”.

One of the sites is located within the city of Lisakovsk. According to the publication, city authorities intend to allow “Aluminium of Kazakhstan” to search for aluminum ores until May 23, 2027. The deputy mayor will oversee the fulfillment of obligations.

Reserves of aluminum-containing ore are also expected to be found on another, smaller site. This site covers an area of 271.7 hectares and is located within the boundaries of Oktyabrsky. The district authorities have also granted the company public easement for mineral exploration and assigned responsibility for overseeing the decision to the head of the locality.

The final verdict on both projects is expected to be announced by June 19. It should be noted that the company annually produces around 1.4 million tons of alumina, the raw material for aluminum. Additionally, the company is one of the largest employers in the Pavlodar region.