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British company Concrete Canvas Ltd. has revealed plans to construct a concrete slab manufacturing plant in Kazakhstan, as reported by Kazakh Invest. Originally intending to build the facility in Russia, geopolitical circumstances led to the decision to opt for Kazakhstan. The envisioned project, according to British investors, is poised to address critical challenges in the construction and renovation of irrigation systems in the country. The initiative is expected to significantly enhance the operational reliability of irrigation systems, eliminate water loss within the country’s agro-industrial complex, and reduce budgetary expenditures on canal renovation programs, protective dams, and other civil infrastructure assets. Concrete Canvas, known for producing geosynthetic cement composite mats that prevent water loss during filtration while maintaining material durability, has already established a presence in Almaty. The company is currently assessing market needs, engaging in discussions with relevant ministries and local executive bodies. Concrete Canvas Ltd. was among the 21 companies relocating to Kazakhstan from Russia and Belarus, as announced by the government in late December 2022. Furthermore, in November 2023, during a working trip to the United Kingdom, Kyrgyzstan’s Prime Minister, Akylbek Zaparov, proposed that Concrete Canvas consider establishing a plant in the republic.