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Throughout 2023-2024, coal production at Kazakhstan’s deposits has gradually decreased, reports the press service of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Over the past year, coal production dropped by 1 million tons year-over-year, totaling 113 million tons. From January to April 2024, extraction decreased by 2.7 million tons compared to the first four months of 2023.

According to Deputy Minister of Industry and Construction Olzhas Saparbekov, the decline in production was influenced by the reduction in global fuel prices, the development of green energy, and logistics challenges.

Mr. Saparbekov stated that increasing the share of solid fuel in energy generation can be achieved through the application of clean coal technologies, which are already actively practiced in some European and Asian countries. To implement such methods, the ministry plans to establish cooperation with foreign companies.

Additionally, the growth of coal production could be supported by the development of the coal chemical industry. The Deputy Minister mentioned that Kazakhstan aims to learn from China’s experience in obtaining high-margin products from solid fuel. Currently, the country is creating conditions to attract Chinese investors and technologies to develop this sector.

Saparbekov noted that the republic lost a significant portion of its coal exports due to logistical issues. These problems include convection bans related to neighboring countries and a shortage of railway wagons. In his opinion, to improve the situation, the Ministry of Transport, relevant authorities of neighboring countries, and railway operators need to establish a dialogue and resolve contentious issues regarding raw material delivery.