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Yerzhan Yelekeyev, Chairman of the Board of JSC “NC KAZAKH INVEST,” convened a meeting with the leadership of British company Concrete Canvas Ltd. to discuss the potential establishment of a concrete canvas production plant in Kazakhstan.

Concrete Canvas Ltd. has recently established a representative office in Kazakhstan, conducting market research and engaging in negotiations with relevant governmental bodies. Initially considering production localization in Russia, the company pivoted to Kazakhstan due to geopolitical circumstances.

The proposed project aims to address Kazakhstan’s urgent needs in irrigation system construction and reconstruction using innovative Concrete Canvas technology. This initiative promises to enhance the operational reliability of irrigation systems, mitigate water loss in the agro-industrial sector, and decrease budgetary expenditures on infrastructure renovation programs.

Concrete Canvas Ltd. specializes in geosynthetic cement composite mats, ensuring water retention during filtration while maintaining material durability. Their technology utilizes a rolled multicomponent material with a cement filler, rapidly solidifying to form a thin, robust, reinforced, and waterproof concrete layer. Notably, the installation process is significantly faster, requiring 95% fewer materials compared to conventional concrete methods, thus reducing environmental impact.

Yelekeyev acquainted Concrete Canvas representatives with Kazakhstan’s investment policies and the extensive support provided by KAZAKH INVEST for investment projects. Highlighting the British company’s intent to localize production in Kazakhstan, Yelekeyev detailed subsidy mechanisms and the benefits of concluding an Investment Agreement.

Assuring comprehensive support for the promising investment endeavor, Yelekeyev affirmed KAZAKH INVEST’s commitment following the meeting.