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Recent updates from the press office of NGMK reveal progress within their 2024 Investment Program, focusing on the implementation of a project titled “Ore Extraction at the Gold Deposits of Kokpatas and Daugyztau (Phase III)” at the Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine.

Presently, construction is underway at Hydro-Metallurgical Plant No. 3, where two new milling units are being erected to process 2 million tons of gold-bearing ore annually. This initiative aims to augment the number of milling units to eight, with an annual ore processing capacity reaching 10 million tons.

Oibek Ashurov, Chief Technologist of the Northern Ore Management, anticipates a significant boost in production volumes upon the commissioning of the new milling units. Expansion plans include enlarging flotation, bio-oxidation, filtration, drying, and roasting workshops, facilitating further augmentation of production capacities.

Essential equipment and spare parts for the milling units are manufactured at the Navoi Machine-Building Plant and subsidiaries of the Northern Ore Management. Construction activities are supervised by the Zarafshan Construction Management.