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Irkaz Metal Corporation, an Iranian copper producer, is looking to construct the third phase of its copper smelting plant at the Borly deposit in the Karaganda region. The new facility will cover an area of 100 hectares, with construction set to commence in July 2024. This information was revealed on the AGMP portal. The hydro-metallurgical complex is expected to process 2.5 million cubic meters (approximately 4.6 million tons) of copper ore annually through heap leaching, enabling the company to produce 5,000 tons of cathode copper per year. The plant will require over 137,000 tons of sulfuric acid annually for processing. The Borly site currently hosts a shift camp for employees, who work in two 12-hour shifts year-round. Notably, the plant has a two-story fire station on-site. Irkaz Metal Corporation inaugurated the plant in November two years ago, with an initial project investment exceeding 9 billion tenge. Currently, the facility employs 140 individuals, with the copper smelting plant’s capacity standing at 5,000 tons.