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The 6th plenary session of the Kazakhstan Canada Business Council (KCBC) unfolded within the framework of the annual international Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) 2024 Convention. Co-chaired by Mr. Meirzhan Yussupov and Mr. Tim Gitzel, representing Kazatomprom and Cameco Corporation respectively, the session fostered collaboration on key sectors.

Preceding the plenary, three working groups convened in January and February, engaging over 250 participants in discussions on mining and metallurgy, agriculture, and education. Government and business representatives explored current challenges, cooperative solutions, priority areas, and potential projects to boost mutual trade and investment.

With over 150 delegates from Canadian and Kazakhstani business circles, the plenary session covered diverse topics, including energy security, carbon neutrality, environmental sustainability, corporate governance, trade, investment attraction, and education. Led by Honourable Kanat Sharlapayev and Honourable Ahmed Hussen, the Kazakhstani and Canadian delegations emphasized bilateral cooperation.

In the first panel, co-chairs Gitzel and Yussupov delved into uranium industry development, energy security, and environmental sustainability. Yussupov highlighted Kazatomprom’s global energy security contribution, while Gitzel underscored Cameco’s 35-year leadership and commitment to ESG issues. The discussion explored strategies for achieving net-zero emissions, reflecting on the future of both companies and the KCBC.

Working group reports by Yerlan Galiyev, Margaret Skok, and Alibek Sagidulla addressed mining, education, and agriculture respectively. Representatives from JSC “NC “KazakhInvest,” Export Development Canada, and the government of Alberta contributed to the event.

A dedicated session focused on the education sector, where Vice Minister Darkhan Akhmed-Zaki outlined Kazakhstan’s plans to establish an academic hub for higher education. The event concluded with a Networking Reception.

The KCBC, a vital platform for Kazakhstan-Canada business relations, expressed gratitude to the Canada-Eurasia Chamber of Commerce (CECC) for organizing the event, supported by the Canadian and Kazakhstani Embassies and companies like Lotz & Company, Teck Resources, SIMSA, and