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Qarmet, a mining and metallurgical company, is continuing its program for the technical re-equipment and modernization of assets formerly owned by ArcelorMittal Temirtau. One of its focal points is the digitization of the coal department. The project is set to commence in April, with plans to conclude by the end of 2024, as announced by the Qarmet press service.

The company asserts that digitizing mines is among the new management’s investment commitments to ensure industrial safety. They aim to monitor operations at the deposits through the DMMS system, which is already operational in 30 mines across Kazakhstan.

Recently, Qarmet specialists convened a meeting with AG TECH, a provider of software and technical solutions, to present the DMMS platform. The manufacturer’s assets are expected to be equipped with monitoring of workers’ movements and mining equipment, gas control sensors, communication systems for miners with dispatchers, seismic monitoring, and more.

Digital solutions will facilitate better monitoring of actions in hazardous zones. Currently, only two out of the enterprise’s eight coal mines are equipped with positioning systems.

Additionally, the project will establish a central dispatch center for Qarmet’s coal department units.