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In a major advancement for the coal mining industry, Qarmet has announced the launch of its Digital Mine Management System (DMMS), a groundbreaking digital platform designed to enhance safety and efficiency through real-time monitoring. This technological marvel offers unprecedented control over production processes, promising to revolutionize coal mining operations. At the heart of DMMS lies advanced software and hardware components that enable seamless monitoring of various aspects of mining activities. Key features include real-time process control, enhanced safety measures, gas monitoring, seismic detection, and a centralized dispatch centre. Developed in partnership with AG TECH, DMMS has undergone rigorous testing across 800 mines globally, including 30 in Kazakhstan, demonstrating its effectiveness in improving industrial safety. Following successful trials, Qarmet plans to implement DMMS across all its coal mines starting April 15, reflecting its dedication to fostering a culture of innovation and safety. By adopting DMMS, Qarmet aims to establish new benchmarks in industrial safety and productivity, setting the stage for a transformed coal mining landscape. Stakeholders can look forward to improved operational efficiency and risk mitigation as DMMS becomes an integral part of the industry.