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DELKOR BQR flotation cells equipped with our proprietary MAXGen mechanism enable the user to achieve best-in-class metallurgical performance with maximized metal recovery, combined with greater ease of maintenance and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), including reduced energy consumption.

Two new BQR animation videos have been prepared with a view to assisting the viewer in understanding the myriad of advantages of DELKOR BQR flotation cells:

  • Improved metallurgical performance
  • Cell bypass ready provision for larger cells to facilitate quick, easy and safe cell maintenance
  • Cell bypass improves circuit flexibility to a great extent
  • Low downtime and increased ease of maintenance
  • Precise froth level controls
  • Internal or external dart valves with a strong focus on safety
  • Reduced specific power consumption
  • Low maintenance cost and total cost of ownership

One video explains the principal parts of DELKOR BQR flotation cell, which now incorporates DELKOR proprietary MAXGen mechanism. The video also demonstrates how the BQR cell functions, as well as the process that takes place inside the cell whilst in operation.

The second video demonstrates DELKOR BQR flotation cell’s bypass-ready provision and the manner in which any cell can be bypassed, in order to perform maintenance, whilst other cells in the bank remain in use and without completely stopping the flotation circuit.