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Today, on the eve of the Day of Mining and Metallurgical Industry Workers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a ceremonial event was held in the Akhangaran district to mark the commencement of the joint venture LLC “HG-AMMC.” This venture is being implemented in collaboration with China’s “Huigong (Hebei) Machinery Group Co., Ltd.”

The event saw the participation of the leadership of the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combine, the president and specialists of Huigong (Hebei) Machinery Group, and various public representatives. It was noted that this enterprise is the result of agreements made during President Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s official visit to China in January of this year.

The joint venture will undertake the project “Production of Spare Parts for Mining Machines.” This project is valued at $23 million, with an annual production capacity expected to reach $37.5 million. The partner company will produce over 282 types of spare parts for mining machinery. Additionally, an experimental project to convert oil into electricity will be implemented to reduce operational costs of mining equipment and promote green energy at the joint venture.

The products manufactured will primarily meet local market needs and eventually be exported. The construction of the joint venture is expected to create 150 new jobs. The implementation of this project will significantly contribute to the industrial success of Uzbekistan and support economic growth.

The event concluded with a symbolic ribbon-cutting ceremony, marking the beginning of construction.