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In an era where mineral resources form the bedrock of economic progress, Uzbekistan stands at the forefront of a groundbreaking transformation. Spearheaded by Minister of Mining and Geology, Bobir Islamov, the nation is poised to revolutionise its subsoil law, redefining the landscape of geological exploration and mining investment.

Revitalising Geological Exploration: A $230 Million Endeavour

Each year, Uzbekistan earmarks an impressive $230 million for geological exploration, a testament to its commitment to unearthing the untapped potential beneath its soil. This substantial investment fuels the exploratory efforts, shaping the raw material foundations for major national enterprises such as NGMK, AGMK, and Uzmetkombinat. Such focused investments are pivotal in steering the country towards self-reliance in critical mineral resources.

Crafting a New Subsoil Law: Transparency and Investor Appeal

In a significant stride towards attracting global investors, Islamov announced the development of a new subsoil law at the Verona Eurasian Economic Forum in October 2023. This law, crafted with insights from international consultants including the Boston Consulting Group and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, promises direct actionability. It aims to delineate investor opportunities, obligations, and the rules of engagement in Uzbekistan’s mining sector.

The new legislation is envisioned to be a paragon of clarity and stability, offering a transparent legal framework that is crucial for investor confidence. Such legal fortification is fundamental in positioning Uzbekistan as an attractive and secure destination for mining investments.

Tax Incentives: A Game-Changer in Mining Economics

Underlining the government’s commitment to incentivising mining activities, Islamov highlighted the recent reduction in tax rates for mineral usage. Notably, the rates for gold and copper have been lowered from 10% to 7%, tungsten from 10% to 2.7%, and uranium from 10% to 8%. This strategic move has significantly enhanced Uzbekistan’s allure in the eyes of international mining companies, leading to increased exploration activities by major players like Orano Mining from France and Canadian B2Gold.

Pioneering in Lithium, Graphite, and Ultra-Pure Aluminium

In a forward-looking initiative, the ministry is now focusing on developing a robust raw material base for lithium, graphite, and ultra-pure aluminium – key elements in the burgeoning battery technology sector. With technical and economic justifications underway, these projects are set to culminate by year-end, offering a golden opportunity for investors to collaborate in extracting these vital metals. The goal is to not only mine these resources but also to advance into deep processing, thereby manufacturing high-demand battery cells domestically.

Copper Cluster in Almalyk: A Technological Marvel

The establishment of a copper cluster in Almalyk is a testament to Uzbekistan’s ambitious vision in the mining sector. Covering an expansive 138 hectares, with half already operational, this cluster epitomizes the country’s push towards modernizing its mining infrastructure. Here, the focus is on processing strategic metals and establishing cutting-edge production facilities, including ultra-thin copper foil for battery cells, further underlining Uzbekistan’s potential as a powerhouse in battery production.

EBRD’s Endorsement and Future Prospects

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, through its then-Managing Director for Central Asia, Zsuzsanna Hargitai, has expressed strong support for Uzbekistan’s initiatives. The bank’s collaboration with the government in expediting investments in exploration and mining, coupled with the modernization of subsoil laws, underscores the country’s growing prominence in the global mining sector.

As Uzbekistan embarks on this transformative journey, the new subsoil law and strategic initiatives signal a new era in mining and geological exploration. With enhanced legal frameworks, tax incentives, and technological advancements, the nation is not just unlocking its geological potential but also paving the way for sustainable economic growth and global partnerships in the mining industry.