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TOO “ACG-Asia Capital Group” is gearing up to conduct exploration and assessment work for alluvial gold in the Mayemer area of the Katon-Karagay district in the East Kazakhstan Region. The project documentation from the license holder has been made available for public review on Kazakhstan’s Unified Environmental Portal.

The commencement of geological exploration is scheduled for May 2024, with completion expected by the autumn of 2026. Specialists aim to evaluate the reserves of the promising area according to categories C1 and C2 and include them in the state balance sheet based on the results of the exploration.

The licensed area covers 4.54 square kilometers. While targeted exploration for alluvial gold has not previously been conducted within Mayemer, the company notes that based on tailings sampling and general geological indicators, the territory holds promise for identifying deposits. Preliminary estimates suggest prospective resources of 68 kilograms of precious metal under category P2.

The plan includes conducting mining operations, tailings sampling, collecting large-volume samples, and estimating reserves. A total of 950 samples are set to be collected from all excavations (mining and routes) in the Mayemer area.