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Kazakhstan’s gold mining industry witnessed a notable surge last year, with the country extracting 130 tons of gold, propelling it to sixth place in the global ranking of gold-producing nations. This information comes from a report by “Kazinform,” citing data from the United States Geological Survey.

The recorded gold output of 2023 surpassed the previous year’s production by 15 tons, which stood at around 115 tons. China claimed the top spot in 2023 with 370 tons of gold production, followed by Russia and Australia sharing second and third place, respectively, with 310 tons each.

Overall, gold miners worldwide extracted 3,000 tons of the precious metal last year, with estimated reserves totaling 59,000 tons. When considering gold reserves, both explored and unexplored, Australia and Russia lead the pack, with reserves of 12,000 and 11,100 tons, respectively.

The United States Geological Survey assesses Kazakhstan’s gold resources at 1,000 tons. It’s worth noting that earlier, Erlan Akbarov, the Chairman of the Committee of Geology under the Ministry of Ecology, Geology, and Natural Resources of Kazakhstan, stated that the country’s reserves amount to 20,000 tons.