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Thursday, 20 April

Novotel Bishkek City Center
720010 Kyrgyzstan ­– Bishkek – Manas Avenue, 16

Country session
Prospects for partnership with Sweden in the field of mining, development of alternative energy sources, and climate change

Trade and economic ties between Sweden and Central Asian countries are actively developing. One of the priorities for intensifying cooperation is the reproduction of critical metals and minerals in the region to meet the needs of the European economy. The session will examine case studies and development plans for partnerships between Sweden and Central Asian nations, as well as introduce new cooperation opportunities with the major Swedish companies. 

Breakout sessions – Country session
Technology and Investment Partnerships with the United Kingdom

The UK is the world’s leading financial, trade and technology hub. Shares of 175 mining companies are traded on the London Stock Exchange with a total capitalisation of $472 billion, or 16% of the global capitalisation. The annual turnover of the London Metal Exchange exceeds 15 trillion dollars.

In addition to investments, British companies offer advanced technologies and expertise in the assessment and development of mineral deposits, increasing productivity, introducing alternative energy technologies, reducing the environmental impact of mining, water management, etc.

His Majesty Ambassador in Kyrgyzstan
British Embassy Bishkek
11:30 - Weir Minerals development and capabilities
Key Account Engineer Altyn Almas & Armenia
Weir Minerals

11:45 - Chaarat Gold - Building a Leading Emerging Markets Gold Company
Technical manager
Chaarat Gold

Breakout sessions – Country session
Access to Markets – China's Role and Plans in Central Asia

The shared border between China and Central Asian nations spans approximately 3,300 kilometres. The abundance of mineral resources and geographical proximity contribute to the increasing growth of Chinese investments in the region’s mining sector. The “One Belt, One Road” initiative provides landlocked Central Asian countries with the potential to expand their exports to China and global markets by gaining access to seaports. The session will focus on exploring the experiences of implementing investment projects involving Chinese investors and presenting new cooperation opportunities in the mining and processing of metals and minerals.

14:00 - Altynken
Chairman of the Board

Business Track
Innovating for Smarter, More Efficient Mining and Mineral Exploration
  • Increasing the reliability of the results of geological and technological testing in the mining and metallurgical industry in Central Asia.
  • Early-stage exploration activities: cost optimisation experience and implementation of modern technologies.
  • Cutting edge airborne geophysical technologies.
  • Driving sustainable practices through drilling Optimisation.
  • Rock support technologies for efficient mining in difficult conditions
  • Mining lower-grade deposits – new technological solutions
  • Integrated approaches to mineral processing and processing.
15:30 - Theme Pending
Vice President of Capital Sales

15:45 - UAV technologies for mining companies
Leading Geophysicist
AGT Systems

16:00 - Modern geophysical equipment for geological exploration from GEODEVICE company
Geodevice Kazakhstan

16:15 - Modern geological exploration technologies
AGT Systems Vostok

16:30 - Glycine Leaching Technology (GLT)
Eurasia Technology Leader
Draslovka Holding

16:45 - Describing services of Stewart Assay and Environmental Laboratories
Chief Chemist
Stewart Assay and Environmental Laboratories